Great Egret and Great Blue Herons are amongst the most common wading birds in the Mid West. Here in Iowa we you can also find the smaller Green Heron and the very elusive Black Crowned Night Heron.

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2008-07-15_D300_92_3 - Black Crowned Night Heron2008-07-20_D300-37 - Great Egret2008-08-05_D300_44 - Green Heron2008-08-11_D300_51x - My Shadow2008-08-14_D300_70 Great Blue Heron2009-04-28_D300-_14 - Take Off2009-05-03_D300-_45 - Great Blue Heron2009-05-28_D300-_1 - Great Egret2009-05-28_D300-_36 Egret Grooming2009-06-14_D300-_45 - Grace in Flight2009-09-07_D300-16 - Great Blue Heron2009-07-11_D300-_17 - Great Blue Heron2010-04-18_D300s_224 - Cattle Egret2010-04-18_D300s_228 - Cattle Egret2010-05-16_D300s_3 - Egret Flight2010-08-26_D300s_72 - Green Heron2011-08-16_d300s_62 - Great Blue Heron2012-05-08_D300s_61 - Great Egret2012-05-08_D300s_73 - Flying High2012-07-31_D300s_10  - Great Egret