Photographer David Summers

Artist’s Statement

After years of producing graphic arts materials for others, I turned to photography to produce art work on my own terms. The availability of the digital darkroom and high quality color printing introduced me to many new and exciting possibilities in photography. My attention soon turned to wildlife due to my love and appreciation of nature. I find wildlife photography to be a great challenge both technically and artistically. There is nothing like the exhilaration of capturing an American Bald Eagle just as it takes a fish from the Mississippi or the first movements of the wings of a Hummingbird as he begins to take flight.

The Midwest offers a unique and under-appreciated wildlife environment. I discovered this by viewing it through the perspective of the camera’s lens. Our natural environment is often taken for granted and even abused when people do not understand the importance of their local ecosystem. In sharing this unique perspective through my photography I hope that I can help people to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty of the American Midwest.