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I am proud to announce that one of my Eagle images has been published in the NikoniansPress/Rocky Nook series Mastering the Nikon D300/D300S, by Darrell Young. My image will be the opening page for Chapter 11 of the book.

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announcement on Nikonians here.

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Photographer David Summers

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After years of producing graphic arts materials for others, I turned to photography to produce art work on my own terms. The availability of the digital darkroom and high quality color printing introduced me to many new and exciting possibilities in photography. My attention soon turned to wildlife due to my love and appreciation of nature. I find wildlife photography to be a great challenge both technically and artistically. There is nothing like the exhilaration of capturing an American Bald Eagle just as it takes a fish from the Mississippi or the first movements of the wings of a Hummingbird as he begins to take flight.

The Midwest offers a unique and under-appreciated wildlife environment. I discovered this by viewing it through the perspective of the camera’s lens. Our natural environment is often taken for granted and even abused when people do not understand the importance of their local ecosystem. In sharing this unique perspective through my photography I hope that I can help people to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty of the American Midwest.

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Guestbook for Summers PhotoGraphic
12.Christian Fritschi(non-registered)
I arrived on your site via Nikonians. All your images are superb. Superb in both composition and post processing. That female woodduck and her reflection is almost three dimensional. Your eagle and sandhill cranes photos are outstanding. Thank you for sharing.

See you back on the Nikonians.

11.Kent Gray(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing these images, the Bald Eagles images are some of the best captures I have seen. Thank you for being part of the Nikonians support. Arizona has is share of outdoor life and after viewing your images it make me want to capture so much more.

Kent Gray
10.Andreas Exner(non-registered)
Hi Dave,
It was nice to meet you last weekend in the Green Island Wetlands. You present some wonderful images on your website. Very inspiring!
9.Tom Farris(non-registered)
Awesome Bald Eagle shots...I am moving back to Tulsa OK and I believe they have some eagles in the Keystone lake area and I am now inspired to go and take pics myself.

8.Mary Richards(non-registered)
Wonderful photos! I really love the little bird photos - the baby robinlike one and the cardinal. The winter bird photos would make great Christmas cards! It was good getting to know you and Mary in the Photography Workshop!
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